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Kathryn McGhie RN, BScN, CIC and Kathleen McMullen, MPH, CIC, FAPIC explain past and present HAI trends and challenges due to shifts in infection prevention priorities, examine tips and strategies to rebuild and re-implement infection prevention practices related to BSIs, and recognize how an IP vascular access protocol may impact BSI risk reduction.

Kathryn McGhie RN, BScN, CIC and Tara Willemsen, RN, BSCN, MED, CNOR describe how skin antiseptics are used to reduce the risk of infection, compare and contrast features of commonly used antiseptics, identify peri-operative factors that influence selection, and list the recommended steps for selecting antiseptics. 

Max Holder, MSN, RN, CRNI, NE-BC, VA, BC and Karen Laforet, RN, MCISc, CCHN(C), VA-BC, CVAA(c) discuss how to identify sources of contamination which increase the risks of catheter bloodstream infection. They will address the clinical challenges associated with VAD maintenance that can impact outcomes and review the recommended guidelines, practices and evidence-based interventions for-MH VAD maintenance to aid with the reduction of BSI risk. They will also identify strategies for prevention of VA related bloodstream infection in patients.

Karen Laforet, RN, MClSc, CCHN(c), CCVA(c), VA-BC and Kathleen McMullen, MPH, FAPIC, CIC recognize the components of a bundle approach to prevent PIV-BSI, identify the importance of appropriate catheter insertion technique and site protection, discover strategies for dressing and cap selection and application to prevent PIV-BSI, and explain the significance of the bundle approach in reducing PIV-BSI risk.

Jacqueline Daley HBSc, MLT, CIC, CSPDS, FAPIC and Franklin Dexter, MD, PhD, FASA explain the importance of the triad of patient preparation in reducing surgical site infections (SSIs) and complications, explore the clinical evidence supporting the use of nasal decolonization, skin preparation, and incisional drapes in SSI prevention, explain the economic impact of SSIs and the cost effectiveness of implementing a bundled approach to patient preparation, and develop an action plan for implementing a comprehensive patient preparation bundle in your healthcare facility. 

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